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Speak Out About Parental Alienation and Find Your Voice Here!

Creating an online store has been a journey to say the least!  Up until a few weeks ago, I literally knew nothing about it.  I’ve watched videos, read blogs, spent hours creating t-shirts and have had many ups and downs.  But still, I’ve remained determined to have a store committed to speaking out and creating awareness about parental alienation.  Why? You may ask. 

For years, I was invisible.  What I mean by that is for almost 10 years I was physically present in my stepchildren’s lives, but in the eyes of the law and everyone else, I didn’t matter.  I had no vote, no say, no voice.  Like many of you, I was still a victim of parental alienation even though I didn’t count.  I was targeted too.  My stepchildren were turned against me too.   And just like my husband, I lost my relationship with them too.  I was the silent placeholder standing side-by-side with my husband, fighting the war too. 

We all have our parental alienation stories to tell.  Children, stepchildren and grandchildren have been erased from our lives, never to be heard from again.   Our journeys haven’t all been the same, yet somehow our endings are identical.   

I’m committed to providing a way for us to start telling our stories, to start speaking out, and to start being heard.  Please join me on this journey. 

And find your voice here!

♥ Cheryl